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Frequently Asked Questions

Any person who is admitted to the general part of the Register and not practising nursing in Malaysia but desires to retain his / her name in the Register of Nursing Board Malaysia.

Statement of nurse registration status in the Nursing Board Malaysia Register.

  • A person who is registered as nurse with Nursing Board Malaysia but unemployed / not practising nursing / different field of work
  • A nurse who currently studying abroad for a period of 12 months and above.
  • A retired nurse but intends to return to work as a nurse.
  • A nurse who is seeking for employment outside Malaysia.
  • A nurse who is under medical leave for more than 12 months (current year).
  • A nurse whose is on half-paid leave or unpaid leave for 12 months or more in the current year.
  • RON form BKJ-BOR-DAF/APC-03 pin 1/17
  • Valid Bank draft/Money Order
  • A copy of nursing registration certificate*
  • A copy of resignation letter (last employment)*
  • A copy of retirement letter (for retiree)*
  • A copy of medical leave and medical report*
  • A copy of education institution offer letter*
  • Registered envelope with applicant’s name and complete with local address
  • RON Form
  • A copy of Nursing Registration Certificate